Some examples of the successes our customers are having using RestoreX. If you have a 'Before and After' story you would like to share, please email both images to and we may post you on this site.


Shower Mixer


Bathroom Shower

Hand Basin

Shower Mixer 8 years old

Shower in Hamilton


Ceramic Hob

Clean Oven

The Great Out Doors

Brass on Outdoor umbrella

Stainless Rail

Door Handles

Rotorua Sulphur on Door

Rotorua Sulphur Lock Barrell


Mag Wheels

Powder Coated Aluminum

Powder Coated Aluminium

Powder Coated Aluminum

How it Works?


"I used RestoreX on my ceramic cooker hob. I have tried all the 'specialist' products, nothing worked. RestoreX cleaned it in 5 minutes. No fuss, no mess, just clean..."
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"Recently I cleaned my tiles with Restorex. I was totally amazed. I had truely tried every product I could find to remove the hard water stains that made my green tiles .."
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"Hi Heather just wanted to let you know that the toilets have just come up like new. We are just a so over the moon that we didn't have to replace them once again. ..."
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"We have thoroughly tested Restorex, along with many other products claiming to remove hard water stains from glass. Restorex is truly amazing. ..."
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"Thank you Heather for introducing me to Restorex. This product now takes top place in my cleaning cupboard, in fact I have reduced the number of......"
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"We face some extremely difficult cleaning tasks one of which is cleaning glass. I was told about your product and managed to find a supplier so armed with ..."
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"We had Peter & Heather from SGC Specialist Glass Cleaning restore and protect the glass on our six year old shower. The house was a NZ architectural.... "
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"I am writing to tell you how wonderful the product Restorex is. My husband and I have recently purchased a 3 year old home with badly maintained ......"
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"Hi There, I purchased some of your restoreX from the Womens Lifestyle expo in Hamilton over the weekend (you helped my daughter find her way back to our stand)...."
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"I am truly delighted,coming from the UK where limescale is a BIG problem, I was wary to claims of limescale removers... This works, my shower looks new, thanks soo much...."
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"Hi Heather, Thank you for coming and restoring my downstairs shower, you did a great job and have a fantastic product! It is a pleasure to walk into the bathroom and be able...."
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