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Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

Common Questions

How do I find out more about RestoreX?

Have a read through the website. If you can't find the information you are looking for please email us at or Call 0274 512 228 (NZ Only)

Is RestoreX safe to use?

RestoreX is completely safe to use. It contains no harmful chemicals and is biodegradable.It was originally designed by a Marine Biologist who was concerned about the cleaning products that people used that were harming the environment in particular polluting the water ways.

Do I need to use gloves when using RestoreX?

Yes it is a good idea to use gloves. Although RestoreX is completely free of harmful chemicals it will dry the skin on your hands out. Our skin obsorbs everything we use so it's a good idea to always wear gloves when using cleaning products.

Will RestoreX restore my shower glass? It is covered in hard water stains.

RestoreX will restore shower glass. Removing hard water stains, limescale and soap scum. Follow the directions on the web site under bathrooms. Some area's around the world have very hard water for shower glass to deal with. If using the directions provided does not work, your shower glass needs to be cleaned by a professional who knows about glass restoration. Call 0274 512 228 ( NZ only) and we will see if we can help you.

Will RestoreX scratch the surfaces I want cleaned?

RestoreX is a concentrated product, designed to clean the toughest staining with out scratching your surfaces.You must follow the instructions for cleaning surfaces that are badly stained. The rule is always start with a damp cloth, move to a dry cloth, then work your way through the pads. Once your surface is restored it will be very easy for you to maintain using RestoreX and a damp cloth.

Can I use just any pads with RestoreX?

It's not a good idea to use just any pads. The pads we supply, we have tested in many environments. If you look at the before and after photo's we can show you that the pads work and are important to the success of achieving clean surfaces with out scratching.

I have Bore Water will RestoreX clean my toilets and basin's?

Yes RestoreX will clean your Bore water stained porcelain surfaces. You will need to follow the instructions in the USES page for Bore water.

Product Range

  • RestoreX 500ml Single Pack supplied in 500ml recyclable bottles

  • RestoreX 500ml Twin Pack supplied in 500ml recyclable bottles

  • High quality pads that have been selected for their durability

* Freight / Postage is extra.* Pads available on request.

How it Works?

Before & After

Some examples of the successes our customers are having using RestoreX. If you have a 'Before and After' story you would like to share, please email both images to and we may post you on this site.

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