"I used RestoreX on my ceramic cooker hob. I have tried all the 'specialist' products, nothing worked. RestoreX cleaned it in 5 minutes. No fuss, no mess, just clean."
Tony Hamilton

"Recently I cleaned my tiles with Restorex. I was totally amazed. I had truely tried every product I could find to remove the hard water stains that made my green tiles look terrible. After weekends of scrubbing nutty and all the frustration, I had given up. Heather introduced us to Restorex and we can't believe what it cleans.Not only are our shower tiles clean, the toilets are clean, the oven door, you can see through now and we are in the process of restoring our forest green house aluminium.Thanks to Restorex our 12 year old home is starting to look new again. Thanks Very Much"
Richard Morrison Hamilton

"Hi Heather just wanted to let you know that the toilets have just come up like new. We are just a so over the moon that we didn't have to replace them once again. It's fantastic to have a product that works so well that is non toxic to us and the environment. Will be needing another bottle soon. Thanks again,"
Betty Morrinsville

"We have thoroughly tested Restorex, along with many other products claiming to remove hard water stains from glass. Restorex is truly amazing. It not only completely removed the mineral deposit build up on glass... we noticed that it also removed a lot of the fine scratching caused by previous cleaning with abrasive creme cleansers and scouring pads. For years our customers have been asking us how to get or keep their showers clean. Now we have the answer."

"Thank you Heather for introducing me to Restorex. This product now takes top place in my cleaning cupboard, in fact I have reduced the number of cleaning products that I used to use by at least 50% maybe more. Along with having sparkling clean shower glass, and a very shiny kitchen bench and sink I have found that Restorex works wonders on all my tiles and now my husband is using it to clean the chrome on his motorbike so I will need to double my supply. I also wanted to write and tell you of another use I have found for this wonderful product, believe it or not it cleans up burnt pots!! Yes I do have an occasional incident and now I have a solution, thank you Restorex.
I burnt a pot (very badly) a while back and was debating whether to throw it in the rubbish or not and then I thought why not try Restorex? So I got out my trusty product, tipped a small amount into the bottom and spread it around, then I just left the pot in the wash-house and forgot about it. Approximately 4-5 days later when doing some washing I had a look in the pot and was amazed to see some bubbling on the bottom, upon closer inspection I found that with a light scratching with my fingers all the burn crust just lifted off and I had a sparkling clean pot again. Wow this was magic, I just had to share this experience with you.Thank you again, please also find an order for a further 2 bottles."
Lisa Wood Cambridge

"We face some extremely difficult cleaning tasks one of which is cleaning glass. I was told about your product and managed to find a supplier so armed with a bottle of RestoreX and a rag I began the job of trying to remove 15 years of lime scale build up from a glass shower door, an impossible task I thought... but it only took 30minutes of gentle massaging RestoreX in a circular motion and the glass was like new again."
Melissa Carlton Hotel Auckland, NZ

"We had Peter & Heather from SGC Specialist Glass Cleaning restore and protect the glass on our six year old shower. The house was a NZ architectural award winner in 2008 with extensive shower glass of four metres long and over 2 metres high. It was scaled and no matter what cleaning product we had tried it still remained. In a short period after they arrived it was glistening and sparkling like new. It is also much easier to keep sparkling just using a rubber squeegee to take off the excess water after showering. Not only did they polish our glass, they also looked at how to clean up our porous sandstone tiles in the shower and have come back with ideas on how to restore them. They were friendly, efficient and most importantly the glass restoration really worked and the shower looks wonderful weeks later. We have no hesitation to recommend them."
Denis & Eliza, Mt Eden, Auckland

"I am writing to tell you how wonderful the product Restorex is. My husband and I have recently purchased a 3 year old home with badly maintained shower glass and windows. I was at my wits end to find a cleaner which would remove the horrible white spots all over the glass. I purchased Restorex yesterday and have been scrubbing ever since, but the change is truly remarkable. I am off to have another go at it and can't wait until my shower looks like new again then I hope to start on my other shower and windows. Thank you so much for your wonderful product."
Julia Hopkins

"Hi There, I purchased some of your restoreX from the Womens Lifestyle expo in Hamilton over the weekend (you helped my daughter find her way back to our stand) I just want to say that for the first time in 4 years I can see through my shower glass - I have literally used everything on the glass including a really expensive product from a bathroom store and a mouse sander on it - You couldn't see through the glass it was that bad! I used the product twice on it and it is PERFECT!!!!! I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes - this is the BEST $35 I have ever spent!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Regards Penny"
Penny Hamilton

"I am truly delighted,coming from the UK where limescale is a BIG problem, I was wary to claims of limescale removers... This works, my shower looks new, thanks soo much."
Denise Webb Hamilton

"Hi Heather, Thank you for coming and restoring my downstairs shower, you did a great job and have a fantastic product! It is a pleasure to walk into the bathroom and be able to see through the glass which once looked cloudy and dirty even after I had scrubbed with harsh cleaners. I have to admit that I was too embarrassed to ask you to take care of the upstairs (acrylic) shower which was in a much worse state. In the past I have used steelo pads with all sorts of cleaning products and even soaked it with janola overnight - all to no effect. I was completely amazed when I used Restorex on it, it looks almost new again! Thanks so much, Leeanne"
Leeanne Phillips Hamilton

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