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Exterior Glass and Pool Glass

Wash glass to remove any dirt or dust. Apply Restorex to slightly damp cloth or white pad. Work surface until it feels smooth, wash off thoroughly and dry. For heavier contamination you may need to repeat the process.
If your glass is covered in hard water marks, lime scale and mineral deposits you will need to apply the RestoreX with a dry cloth, leave on for 30 minutes and scrub the contamination off the glass with the red pad. Rinse and dry your glass.

Stainless Rails , Stainless Door Handles , Brass

Using gloves apply RestoreX to a slightly damp cloth rub over the stainless you want cleaned.
Leave on for 5 minutes, rub again with cloth and wash off with warm water. for difficult staining you may need to repeat the process applying product onto dry cloth then wash and dry. DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUN IF POSSIBLE.

Spa Pools

After emptying the Spa, dry it out. Using gloves and a damp cloth rub RestoreX over the plastic tub, concentrating on the area’s with more staining. Leave for 15 minutes and repeat. Wash the tub down and hose off any residue from the RestoreX before you fill your tub. You may need to use the white pad provided for stubborn staining.

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